• Update: Movement within the Nairobi Metropolitan Area is permitted except for the national curfew period of between 7pm and 5am. What is prohibited is the movement IN and OUT of the Gazetted areas for the period of 21 days effective 7.00pm tonight 6th April 2020!

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  1. byro

    We must reset the civil society to accommodate our own rules. (COVID19 and other stories)

    Most kenyan rules are based on what the colonials thought was good for Africa and that's why it's hard to implement constitution when moral differ with customs, culture differ with technology etc. Lets look at the curfew: You order a curfew, with same old colonial mentality that everyone will...
  2. byro

    Social distance done right- indian version

  3. byro

    Nice weekend from the Byro's family

    Hapa nimekaa nikifanya research mama ndie huyu amesema nitulie dunia inaisha this year. Nice weekend wankers.
  4. byro

    Kenyan lady revolutionary

    Soon we will have more videos like these, then kimakia and his freedom fighting grandpas will have no otherwise than fund muthamaki to stay in power. Down with monarchies..
  5. byro

    Importing Ugandan motorbike

    Elders, how much will it cost to change Ugandan registered number plate to kenyan after importing this nduthi..ama nijifiche tu juu hii si gari?
  6. byro

    Help out with a Furniture store or

    I have been wondering around inter-webs trying to get some furniture but i am very much disappointed with Kenyans. Most of these guys don't understand the word authentic; they are busy copy pasting images from other websites and as soon as you ask them for their original work, they go...
  7. byro

    "Lets grow weed to offset our National Debt"- kiambu resident

    The young man is right you know.
  8. byro

    Theatre and plays- HeartStrings Entertainment

    Am a man of culture lets say.Since childhood, i never missed in drama/poetry events but with age, life and society drives you to a different path. Nevertheless when i get any opportunity, i don't miss out. So wazito Tupatane hapa kesho at 4pm...I will be the guy with a MARRIED single mom of...
  9. byro

    US ambassador 'mocks' National Prayer Breakfast

    US Ambassador Kyle Mcarter on Thursday appeared to mock Kenya's National Prayer Breakfast. In a tweet, he said, "Kenyan leaders are praying and asking for forgiveness for the sin of thievery at the 17th annual National Prayer Breakfast. What a good start to take the nation on the path of...
  10. byro

    Built PC- The beast!!

    Received this beast a while ago(March to be precise) and currently am sleeping late. The build sports a Ryzen 2700x cpu, 32gb Trident Z ddr4 memory, XPG SX8200 pro 512gb ssd, Asus RTX 2060 strix graphics card and Evga G3 750w packed in a clean white Fractal Design Meshify C PC case. trying out...
  11. byro

    Jeshi Ti Ngenu

    Na hii kikuyu ya nyeri ni ngumu sana. Inaumiza kichwa.
  12. byro

    Kenyan Courts-We need to change some trends

    Is it legal for a suspect to cover face? why are they hiding? Why do judges allow such trends? Protecting the rich, most likely! We need to change this.
  13. byro

    Kenyan Courts for you

    The Court of Appeal has dismissed Julius Wambua Musyoki’s application to introduce his daughter’s evidence in his appeal. A three-judge bench led by Appellate Court president, William Ouko, Wanjoru Karanja and Jamila Mohamed declined the application by Wambua on the basis that the request is...
  14. byro

    This guy repairing an abandoned road got me thinking.

    Those who hail from my area can connect to this. There is a road that connects ACK Kaganda Church and a river we call Hogo. A long stretch so to speak. Since years, that road has ever been terrible. Not even a wheel-barrow can make down the steep hill. Below that hill(kiajogoo) lives a man...
  15. byro

    Bill that seeks to stop the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) from conducting investigations

    Najua hii mliona but for study purposes: Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro introduced a bill that seeks to stop the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) from conducting investigations on matters related to corruption. But Politicians allied to the ruling Jubilee party have called for the arrest...
  16. byro

    Away from cartels and politics; Kenyan woman blinded at 17 regain eyesight using stem cell technology

    At the age of 17, Susan Muthoni had normal 20/20 vision. Like most people with perfect eyesight, the then high school student never imagined she would one day have a problem. In 2013, less than a week before she sat her KCSE exams, she had an accident in the laboratory, one that involved...
  17. byro

    Tomorrow is her birthday.

    Before i start, i haven't being sponsored by the said group. I was going through my to-do list and by luck i found i had muted a very important reminder- Her birthday. Hit the internet best part of my lunch hour to look for flower bouquet(pronounced as *bukei), and other chicks accessories. I...
  18. byro

    Court proposes lowering sex consent age to 16 years

    The Court of Appeal has proposed a law change to lower the age of consent to 16 years. Three judges, Roselyn Nambuye, Daniel Musinga and Patrick Kiage, ruled that time was ripe for the country to consider changing the Sexual Offences Act, citing lengthy jail terms imposed on young men...
  19. byro

    Ads are not hiding it anymore

    With government fucking kenyans each and every day, ads are bored trying to sweet talk us.
  20. byro

    Kunguru mlisema vipi? Of dad, daughter and prison.

    Najua mliwatch news but kwa wale hawakuona....