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    Hawa watu wa "Write your reply...etc" wamekua wengi sana after hii update, angalieni hio sida.
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    GPU prices (lord help us!)

    I wanted to build a gaming/vidEditing PC so I went and checked the components prices on amazon and was left astonished. Prices have doubled even tripled in some cases. Below are some screenshots I took. Gtx 1060. Starting price should be about 250USD. now it is being sold for over 600USD...
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    Safaricom home fibre

    Just found this flyer on my compound I think they cover my area. I've read that they provide the router for free even installation is free, I'm having a hard time believing that, any hidden charges? I think @Deorro uses this service, kam kiasi, unatumianga package gani? Naona hio 5mbps for...
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    Xiaomi and Faiba sim

    Wazito, which xiaomi phone supports the 4G band 28 frequency?. I was going to get the Redmi note 4 but apparently it doesn't support it, so mniambie ni gani iko kwa hio price/specs range yenye itawesmake. Ninge check kwa but hio site iko na upuss siku hizi.
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    doctors mukam kiasi

    For 3days now sijakua na appetite kabisaa. Tumbo ina feel funny kiasi nimekua nikikula vigiko moja mbili tu. I don't like going to the hospital, hospitals make me sick. Lakini leo nimeamua lazma nifike hosi, nimecall bro wangu akuje anipeleke hosi coz I'm too weak right now, nime jaribu kuji...
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    Man confronts Kangaroo

    Info from licensor: "A group of hunters got together to help a young cancer sufferer (terminal diagnosis) with his last wish of catching a 100 kg (220 pound) wild boar with his dogs. One day while hunting one of the highly trained dogs was chasing some pigs by scent and collided with a big buck...
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    18+ Macho zikue swafi

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    Kumbe Mosa anafanyanga pale royal media
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    18+ Macho Zikue swafi

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    Phone locked to one network

    I bought this phone (Huawei y330-u01) in 2014 at a Safaricom shop, it only accepts safaricom sim cards. If you try to use a sim from a different network, it asks for a "SIM ME lock code". Naeza saidiwa aje wazito?. This is my secondary phone that i use as a Wi-Fi Hotspot. @Deorro @snapdragon
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    The Su-27 fighter warns the F-16 and demonstrates the R73 (AA-11

    A NATO fighter jet buzzed the plane of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu before being chased off by a Russian jet in what would be the latest aerial confrontation between the West and Russia and its allies, Russian media reported Wednesday. The Russian plane was flying over neutral waters...
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    18+ Macho zikue safi

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    We bet it caused some heart palpitations earlier... It's the first of April, so that means like every other day of the year, you can't believe everything you read and hear. Pornhub, known for being good sports, were not about to let April Fool's Day pass them by without catching out their...
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    Petror stecien nimeogopa kapsaa

    Nimekuja na kiti yangu ndio iyo hapo. Cjui nini ilifanyika jamaa akakua ghostrider.