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My Secret

  1. @6:13pm ni mimi @uwesmake . Apan tambua choo. Bukusu ni kukojoa kwa wall na kichaka.
  2. Even when there are lavatories nearby I prefer urinating on a wall. So much gratification
  3. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
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  4. Natafuta Khupipi Ktalk
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  5. I have more sex with my wife when her sisters and cousins are staying with us. They are so much hotter than her
  6. Nafanya Kazi IPA
  7. @Gio aka cheff mwitu ni mefiiii fala ya kwa Njenga, bure kabisa.
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  8. I have no secrets....
  9. @Jirani and @Jazzman ni mefii. Wahamie kale kajiji kengine. Wasiwasumbue ma mods wetu.
  10. Niliingiza baridi Jana wasee. Poleni. Lakini nitaanika info kidogo. Uwesmake ni head of credit pale branch ya industrial area. I hate this mofo!
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  11. I am a pink handle. I think I am the first kenyan to ever go abroad. I have this false belief that Kenyans in Kenya envy me. Who am I?
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  12. Who has ever found themselves trusting the enemy? someone who celebrates when something wrong is happening to you? Aaargh
  13. Tunangoeja @uwesmake amulikweee! Siku badoooi.
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  14. Another foolish talker is @Patrome bangi huyu.
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  15. I will be unmasking Bingwa tomorrow at 1pm. Msikose
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  16. Bingwa ni ki...........kihii
  17. I like taking vigan photos of drunk prostitutes when they are high on weed mixed with kibao and sniffed tobacco... also them selling to highest bidder...
  18. Hahahahaha this now very amusing, bingwa woiye si na kuhurumia, so pitiable na ni Mrs.Di by the way