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My Secret

  1. Too many fags here
  2. i have two ugly baby mommas. I left them when they cheated. i now find testosterone filled fags better. Ziko wapi funguo za actross kabla mdosi akuje.
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  3. I witnessed a sword fight between matina McFly and Junkie where Junkie won. He then put his sword inside Matina's bwattocks. Matina McFly started screaming uuuuiii amenitombaaaa
  4. I ate booty for the first time it tasted salty and smelt terribly but she liked it
  5. Matako McFly ako wapi nimhookup na shemale
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  6. 12:22 your response reveals ignorance and worst of all lack of maturity. You will see the progress of the case and the win.
  7. 10.11 peleka ushahidi kortini meffi ya mchwa wewe
  8. 2.59 kuja nikulambe kuma nikisema tialalala
  9. 10:20 ng'weeeeeee
  10. Sio pink handles wote wamebeat. I have met one and she is cute. Black beauty. Semeni ngwe niwapatie handle yake
  11. 12:13 I think yall think pinks must be desperate to be on here. I joined coz I saw sponsored ads on Facebook. It's orgasmic to hide behind an anonymous profile. We all gats problems & Opinions
  12. Bro yangu ana makende moja na ni admin hapa
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  13. 8:45 i know two pinkies here, ni ma singo matha pale githurai fote fae
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  14. I'm an IEBC insider and can positively confirm the election was rigged and Raila Amollo Odinga won.
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  15. Nilikamuliwa mabuti pale Congo. Kisonono inaweza nishika?
  16. I have met 4 pinkies so far, the handles can seriously mislead people. I was disappointed to meet the real people behind the handles. Sema kubeat, I changed my number and handle pap! Sipendi ujinga
  17. Nilienjoy kutombwa mkundu na mwanaume kule Likoni but nikasema ni mwanamke ndiye aliniweka kidole ili ni gauge reaction ya watu
  18. Edit same = dame
  19. Kuna msichana mjaluo every time I f**k her she becomes so attached in bed. After sex she lies on my chest.. Legs wrapped on mine and holds me tight na yeye usema pls usipe same mwingine hii mtree
  20. Alafu kuna mtu alisema typhoid inasambazwa ukikula puthy