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My Secret

  1. Hapo huruma kwa mbuthia si kuna kuma tamu
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  2. Thankyouraila.com
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  3. hii takataka ya boss lady kumbe ni @Mosa
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  4. Sasa huyu boss lady kwani ako ma nyege tonnes ngapi...ati nimdirect kwangu...nazima simu sa hii.
  5. (Get-Item -Path '/var/www/html/ktalk/isboring/*').FullName
  6. Niko hotel listening to a loser akipewa advice after kudumpiwa. Some people are born losers. Ukiachwa kunywa beer mbili and pursue the next target. Weak crybabies
  7. Downloading is not the same as data transfer; moving or copying data between two storage devices is called data transfer, but receiving data from the Internet is called downloading.
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  8. @Bingi we had something almost going on. Am afraid for us... Don't mind my silence please, I will be back for you!!
  9. I would like my shuma to rara ndane ya Guru.
  10. Something special about Coca Cola television adverts.
  11. 99% of posts here are meffi. suggest a new home before all my brain cells are killed by autism.
  12. 907 matanye ya uwes uliona ni nyeus ukiiuliza nini?
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  13. #thankyouraila.com
  14. heri hii site ya Demborro kuliko hiyo ya uwesmakende. Site yake ni black kaa matanye zake
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  15. 9.05 ebu Igongeshe chini ndio ikuwe cheaper..
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  16. Niko na polythene bags 50K kwa nyumba. I dont know how to dispose off them.
  17. 2:29 napenda one of those men you have mentioned ..wala ai!!
  18. 9:05 AM enda GOTV lipa 1299 per year uone TV pole pole