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My Secret

  1. I miss you @Art my gay love
  2. She calls me on Sunday to "great me", no to check if i was with another girl, she says Sundays is the time a man is with his girl. I patiently waiting to deflower her, next year simtaki.
  3. If your are not careful, people will misuse you in the name of friendship.
  4. @uncle nyam ngui ngite brare RAT Panya inaenda nyumbani leo
  5. There's something that I want to say
    But words sometimes get in the way
    I just want to show
    My feelings for you
    There's nothing that I'd rather do
    Than spend ev'ry moment with you
  6. Hapa chini, bomoa kabat pole pole
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  7. 2018 will be the year I exude sec appeal and femininity. I don't know how, since I was raised by wolfs. In all seriousness, I just want to be presentable and well spoken.
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  8. 2017 has been a complete failure year for me. I'm ready to take 2018 by the neck and make her my bitch.

    f**k 2017! Stank ass hoe.
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  9. @chifu,prepare your anus
  10. @jaymoh wanaume wakipiga ujinga yako masweep unakimbia kulilia hapa,woooii,wuuui,aiiiiihh
  11. Lazima nitaBANG at @girlciki93 this year ama EARLY next year lazima nitasample hio stuffs nina feeling anajua a thing or two, but ntararua hio P mbaya mbovu.....
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  12. Shadow boxer leo umenyamaza... You realized you're a homosexual and you can't live with yourself?
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  13. @Art is a confessed gay.
  14. Please Good people stop implicating @ Art in these mudslinging contests here.@Art is a father an a honorable member of the society.@Jaymoh @Mzee mzima and the rest please keep me out of this.
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