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My Secret

  1. i would really love to cum insde @Claire shhhhhhh
  2. guys its true @uwemake penis is inside like a clit and only some hole to pee. @junkie told me
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  3. life has been fuckin me in the ASS of late but I'll be good with time
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  4. Nimekunywa pesa ya sacco na mamboyz badala ya kupeleka bank
  5. Wacheni ujinga
  6. 9.42 go suck on a big fat d*ck. I use your feelings to wipe my ass
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  7. @1:03 pm continue wanking with tears as lube
  8. I had my 35 year old "sugar mummy" begging me even after she caught me cheating. mimi hukatiwa badala ya kukatia sababu mimi ni brownskin. I'm I @M2Random or not.
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  9. I broke up with my boyfriend two months ago,and I still love him! But leo asubuhi nimejua how much he hates me!! I'm so depressed.
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  10. 7.19 AM you boring piece of shit
  11. Thanks to supreme court, 17th October is another opportunity to do a Githeriman; but without a juala!
  12. 12:05 I hate to break it to you bro, but that's amateur... Sweet slut ain't talking dirty, it is hanging on the fence and not hardcore enough
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  13. I called my friend's girl a sweet slut when we were alone. She ended up sucking my cock. She likes when I talk to her dirty. Ironically
  14. Adobe Flash - Invoke Accesses Trait Out-of-Bounds Exploit
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  15. @Claire, mind enabling messaging on your profile. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hapa kwa uso mahali niligongwa chuma last month bado hapaja pona. me huskia uchungu hadi nalia
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  17. Where are the kenyan pornhub links
  18. I knowingly fucked my cousin since pureblood hakuli inje
  19. add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test
  20. update-alternatives --display gcc