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My Secret

  1. Ile jaluo jinga nyeusi ya Texas @luoamerican Ilikufa kwa zile floods ziliwanyeshea?
  2. My lover's d*ck is shaped like a dolphin. he inspired me to us dolphin as an incognito name. Every someone calls me dolphin I feel like I am on top of the world. In fact let me call him about tonight
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  3. Boss. Huko secrets hatuendi. Its a ghost town. Hii imetutosha.
  4. Najua i will be banned after this. Tupatanewww.mysecrets.co.ke
  5. Kumbe admins hapa can see who posted a secret? I have received a warning for saying www.mysecrets.co.ke is better than this coz you can reply to secrets. Twendeni huko wote.
  6. nangurumisha kawasaki saa hizi
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  7. @Purple is a tree holder from Kayole..He's main aim here is to catfish some desperate guys
  8. @uwesmake is my name. i went hunting for a shemale luckily i found @dolphin the penguin
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  9. 5:56 roughta is the best medicine basi.
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  10. People who say laughter is the best medicine have clearly never tried curing depression with rough sex
  11. I need urgent advice talkers! I drink daily like a fish and I don't want to turn up like my uncle who is a drunkard with zero life accomplishments.
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  12. av just received bj from a puppy, wish there's something i can do to prevent it from growing teeth
  13. 3:33 enda utoe kutu na malaya. Make sure you use a condom. Nobody will judge you.
  15. Huku ni masweep mnapatiana tu
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  16. i am clocking 1 year two months now without sex, am literally peeing semen
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  17. I fucked a nun and I drew the wrath of the Lord who took one of my balls. Now I am half man half air
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