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My Secret

  1. Hii jinga @Dimz Fala nani humuelewa? Sometimes I tend to think he is a madman roaming the western world with a smartphone in his hands, very incoherent
  2. @pseudonym is a whore, old cougar who advertises his services here. He is fucked on first date. Sometimes he lays her net in mlolongo
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  3. Shadow boxer ako wapi leo?
  4. ningetaka kuona chupi ya @mary Jane. Niinuse na kuipiga finger
  5. @Mzee mzima bado unaitwa Kababa kuja ukule supper? Grow up dude
  6. Waaaaaait @Mzee mzima Unaishi na mama yako :) :) na bado unaongea pahali wanaume wako? Unaskia mama yako akienda choo na huo uvundo na bado unajiita Mzee mzima, Weh ni kihii kweli
  7. Come f**k me now,Please.
  8. A grown man bila life ranting anonymously like a 4-year old girl wooooi pole sana you baby. Kunywa ile uji mummy amekumakia. Baadaye ulale sawa Shadow-boxing coward? Mboch atakuimbia lullaby
  9. Shadow boxing your momma?nigger get a life for the f**k of you.Am being banned everyday here by your moderator husband but he can only wish me away coz i aint going nowhere mothafaka.
  10. Shadow-boxing coward is so afraid of being banned from an anonymous forum. Hahaha the shadow boxer has no life.
  11. Shadow boxing what?Aint you the same nigger being shagged in the arse by one @Deorro so if we take this to the ring your butt mate will do the natural thing to protect his spouse by banning me.
  12. admin rename the News & Politics section to Kikuyu psycophancy section. Hawa mdomo Kauka si wameharibu hiyo upande.
  13. Hahahaha there's a real real coward among us; a man skilled in the art of shadow boxing.
  14. @jaymoh you are just another piece of shit motherfucker mungiki idiot,you are the scam of earth poor sod.
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  15. Motherfucker what interests you in this section if you are not a faggot numero uno?go rant up your mamas arse.
  16. It looks like there is only one bitter mofo posting on this section , y not man up and insult members on the forum with your handle, stupid faggot
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  17. @Grundy nakuchukia kihii jaluo wewe,toa foreskin upate akili nugu hii.