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My Secret

  1. Stop tribalism in your posts.
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  2. I cry tears of joy every time Arsenal lose
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  3. Old monk is a 40 year old mungiki virgin
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  4. I like taking photos in people's expensive cars and posting online as if I own them, deep down i'm a sick and lonely cum rag !
  5. Fuack couch P. Old people have no business online
  6. Ata kama bingwa husumbua, I secretly love his vibe ningependa aniwekelee uzito kwa mkia
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  7. I have a feeling this secrets shit is the beginning of the end
  8. How secret is this secret if admin and his mods can see who posted what shit?
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  9. Admin is gay he likes inboxing male users
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  10. Deorro aka Admin, thinks he is everything in IT "Tombwa"
  11. Some village hoe wanted some piping and I got cold feet. Ntatomba yeye when I grow up
  12. I long for the day Nefertities will come back
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  13. I think electronic ni fag
  14. I work as a waiter at Njogu-ini Hotel and photograph clients food and post pictures here
  15. f**k admin, deorro, electronics4u, mulosi and all the Faggot moderators for banning users
  16. I'm looking at my lady colleague and her queen size jugs and am wondering how it would be like to bury my head in them, damn!
  17. ( . ) ( . )
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  18. I would want to chew @Chloe puxxy. Nani ako na namba?
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  19. I lost 3 million last year due to one dumb mistake.
  20. I talk to different people with different accents some think I am Algerian, French, Kikuyu, German, Italian.