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My Secret

  1. wale wako online Saa hii ni night runners or watchmen
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  2. Naitwa Binjwa rectum. Niko nje ya mathare mental hospital. Niingie ama nisiingie?
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  3. my dholuo babe gets wet anyhowly, I mean ata na ma kissing kissing, kushika nyonyo kidogo she's already wet. Sometimes she also complains of pains during sex. Help a brother out.
  4. nakamua momo na Faxe nne na sisumbui. Birrionaire
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  5. 12:53 na 8:59 kama mmekuwa mkidinya malaya in town ngoja video HD by Dec.
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  6. 8:59 pm ni ujinga iko kwa kichwa hicho chako.
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  7. 8:59 tafuta bibi na utulie
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  8. Currently compiling volumes of sex tapes from cheap lodgings in town, and confessions from a few catholic churches (wire tap). Once I am through with editing I will launch them in the web
  9. Beautiful day..... Horrible name... Monday??!!!
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  10. 5:01 uwesmakende meffi
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  11. homo webdev alitobwa mkoondu na junkie akasema nikundialala
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  12. Damn you KPLC, not stima leo!
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  13. #11:13 hrs Cheza chini my fren. ama namna gani Arabian Baller.
  14. Momo @Guru hutumia regular TPs au? Hapo maji ingesaidia sana (KYB, 2017)
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  15. It's more like bootiful. # McFly rocks
  16. It's mire
  17. It's beautiful seeing a girl with fat ass akivaa a trouser, You slap that ass & it's alarming.
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  18. It's beautiful seeing a girl with fat ass akivaa a trouser,
  19. Bingwa pia matako yako nyeusi ni arabian? @Karis yule black
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  20. @Mrs4thletter secretly wishes to ball with the Arabian Baller.. but A- in '94 doesn't go that low
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