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My Secret

  1. I fucked @Purple really hard in the ass huku akimoan UOTP
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  2. 9:47 hata leo ndio nimediscover secrets vile umenitag meffi
  3. @uncle nyam utawacha ujinga manze hii upuss yote wewe ndiyo umepost
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  4. @uwesmake did justice to my asshole..hata sahi kukunia ni shida.he has such a big d*ck ni kama amebeba za clan members wake
  5. am worried I might have infected @dolphin with AIDS since giving him my asshole in exchange for free soup @uwesmake
  6. I'm worried I might have aids by dishing out my asshole to all kayole makangas for free rides I work at kwft as a janitor
  7. guess what I do with my mturas before selling them to the public in dagoretti
  8. I get really turned on when I smell a lady's sweat
  9. I am a gay butchery owner from Dagoretti
  10. @Marty McFly confirm ile pesa ya shoti nne iliingia kwa business account yako ya NIC bank. I can't short change your sweet asshole. Signed. @uwesmake & @junkie (The Train Team from Kayole)
  11. Mimi ni @King popeye na jana nimekua threesome Kayole na @uwesmake. Nimeshindwa kutembea someone help me with a lift to Kawangware
  12. tibim tialala, terere, tumu tumu, karaitina. Ekuru Aikot is going to win the erections
  13. I miss how Waweru used to work on my booty. I bought a dildo but I still miss him.
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  14. @budspenser hupaka mursik kwa mcoondoo kabla afirwe na @spear
  15. @Mathaais anijifanya intellectual lakini ni fala at a kuliko @fala
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  16. @gashwin umbwa hii kameze Viagra utombe kondoo yako nyeri
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  17. hakuna MTU huniudhi kama @gaswin .. meffi ya 105 years iko ktalk 24 -7 .. takataka ya binadamu
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