1. BantuSupremacy

    Is Africa the Next China?

    Summary : No ,Africa won't be the Next China but Instead some Individual African nations will develop while others lag behind. e.g. West vs Eastern Europe. Side Note : Notice How I summarized the video - that's called courtesy - some of you here need to learn that. Which countries do you guys...
  2. BantuSupremacy

    WE WUZ KANGZ AND ISRAELITES -Can we stop this Stupidity.

    I've been on this forum long enough for you guys to know I am not a self hating coon.I won't put black people or Africans down to praise a bunch of Neandrthal descendants.Usually when someone black criticizes the "We Wuz Kangz" Movement ,they usually are self hating coons who praise anything...
  3. BantuSupremacy

    The Great Bantu Republic

    One Day ,our great people will unite. The Bantu Expansion is unstoppable.
  4. J

    Farmers Kumbe mmekafunga hivi

    While going through various discussions pale facebook I came across the above posts.Wakulima Wenye ujuzi how realistic is this.In the farm photo,farm is in Kitengele on 3 acres with revenues of 12K per day....Second Farm I understand is Giwa farm in Gachie on 10 acres then (though now I hear its...
  5. J

    How is the World’s richest nation, the poorest?.

    The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is one of the world’s most richly endowed countries in terms of mineral wealth. The country hosts numerous major deposits of diamonds, gold, copper, cobalt, tin, tantalum and lithium. Minerals mined in the DRC are of critical importance for the global...