1. BantuSupremacy

    Goodbye - Bantu Supremacy's Final Post.

    I was gone for a few days and came back to all these Africans have low IQ posts what the f**k? I'm making this post because I need to disappear but I don't want the coons to regain control of this website. I'll be gone to handle biashara cause christmas sales are really keeping us up at night...
  2. BantuSupremacy

    Black Man Beats 6 Foot Tall Mzungu Neanderthal into submission.

    So some white supremacist was attacking a black woman and a black man beat his ass into submission. Funniest shit I've ever seen - Waiting to hear how @TrumanCapote will try to lick his balls. Even when her white daddy is clearly attacking her fellow black woman. Anyways ,enjoy the action:
  3. BantuSupremacy

    Queen Of Spades & the Bantu Expansion.

    @Aka mpole @uwesmake @ChifuMbitika Si we told these idiots the bantu expansion is inevitable and they laughed at us. First it was the Zoomalis at Zoomalispot accepted their fate ,now it's mzungus. Just discovered a movement called the Queen of Spades and my GOD - I'm weirded out but at the...
  4. BantuSupremacy

    Ukweli isemwe

    @Aka mpole @ChifuMbitika This guy sounds like he's a member of Kenyatalk. But he's dropping truth bombs.
  5. BantuSupremacy

    Bingwa Scrotum and co scared of the Bantu Expansion Part 2

    @Bingwa Scrotum was on my last post saying ,and I'm quoting him ; "note: I have been on the SSpot for so many years now and we dont feel threatened at all at all at all" Let's put that statement to the test :
  6. BantuSupremacy

    Somali Spot Cucks Accept the inevitable (Full Link) I don't know whether villagers here know about a forum called Somali Spot but it's their version of KenyaTalk. Anyways ,just wanted to show my fellow bantus don't...
  7. BantuSupremacy

    Bantu Expansion Continues - Somali Woman Calls Kikuyu man ultimate sexual partner in new book.

    It's a new tending book called the Sex lives of African women. Wacha tuanze kuassimilate hawa ma zoomali. The Bantu Expansion Continues.
  8. BantuSupremacy

    The Great Bantu Republic

    One Day ,our great people will unite. The Bantu Expansion is unstoppable.