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  1. BantuSupremacy

    White is Right - Why are Kenyans such Coons?

    If there's one thing I truly hate about Kenya ,it's coons. Coons who bootlick mzungus like nothing but ignore their own. A mzungu family can get justice for their son but a British soldier rapes and kills a Kenyan woman and he gets away with it. Even worse ,you have Kenyan women who will...
  2. BantuSupremacy

    WE WUZ KANGZ AND ISRAELITES -Can we stop this Stupidity.

    I've been on this forum long enough for you guys to know I am not a self hating coon.I won't put black people or Africans down to praise a bunch of Neandrthal descendants.Usually when someone black criticizes the "We Wuz Kangz" Movement ,they usually are self hating coons who praise anything...
  3. Energy

    The Lost Tribes of Israel in Kenya?

    Who are the Meru People? Their Oral History mimics the Exodus story in the Bible. Most people aren't aware that the Bible says the lost tribes of Israel are in Africa. Consider the verse that says the Israelites are in the Land of Cush, aka Africa. "From beyond the rivers of Cush My...