1. Kahuna123

    Instagram store sales

    So last year after HS. I started this Instagram store( this is a screenshot from the website which accounts for 1/3 of the sales) Most of the orders are made through Instagram, calls and WhatsApp. It's run for 10 months. Also, it's a single product without variations so production cost is low...
  2. Big Ben

    Why is it illegal

    With all the benefits of hemp and weed, why are they still illegal. These products can create more government revenue and jobs than that bbi nonsense the country has been engaged in for 3 years.
  3. Rock1117

    Guys Help here !!

    I have seen some useful information on different businesses here. Actually I like the way you guys tackle ideas from all sides from all sides. My business is in recycling industry. I buy newspapers & office waste both in small quantities & bulk. But for the last 2 years business is not good...