1. N

    Volvo springs

    How much does it cost to raise a volvo v40 ground clearance i.e by buying new springs?
  2. H

    Need advice: Should i buy a used suzuki vitara?

    I need your advice on buying a used suzuki vitara 1st gen 1990-1999. Are they reliable and maintainable, because I've seen many of them being sold cheap on fb 'suzuki owners'. My budget is 450k max.
  3. mkombozi

    Kadudu first car

    Wadau am looking to shorten the shortlist for a first car, main consideratins are driver comfort, reliability and cost of running, which among these models do you advice and why, am leaning heavily towards the 208 and Medallist, budge ni =<1m. Peugeot 208 Nissan Note DIGS Meddalist Honda Fit...
  4. J

    Used Cars For Sale and all other car related stuff

    For those in love with cars, want to purchase used cars. We have created a telegram channel ( ) with the aim of linking buyers and sellers.