dairy farming

  1. J

    Store Track and Visualize Farm Data

    Hello members i have developed an app to help farmers.With Supafarm app you store farm data in one place, visualize your farm practices and performance. Easily get your KPIs(metrics) and identify improvements for cost optimization and higher yields. At only 6MB Supafarm is a free lite app...
  2. Corematter

    Embryo Transfer In Cattle

    Now I understand that animal health practitioners normally train for Artificial Insemination before graduating. Lakini ni chuo ipi inaoffer ET training in Kenya or elsewhere? This is a revolutionary tech, especially for marginalized farmers. They should realize pure breed animals faster than...
  3. lil uthi fat

    Market for Goat milk

    villagers i seek your wisdom, ni wapi goat milk iko na market, either a company needs it, patients, locality ama region its a bit vague lkni leteni ile ujuzi mko nayo