1. C


    One of my most favourite old school jams . . .
  2. luumix

    Recommendation: Superwog

    If your looking for a laugh check out this ridiculous series Superwog, it has two seasons and it's funny as shit. You may have seen some youtube shorts of clips from superwog, I would highly recommend you check it out if over-the-top nonsense interests you. IMDB
  3. Antonio Mascaro

    Saudi Arabia playing catchup to UAE in sports hosting

    The KSA has made it its intention to be the sports capital of the world in a bid to move away from heavy dependence on oil revenue. They hosted the AJ Ruiz Fight and have since managed to host a few other smaller unmentionable events. Their biggest drawback however is cultural. How do you become...
  4. O

    The Crazy Sexual Stories of Roman Emperors and Empresses Part 2

    Have you heard of these crazy sex stories of Caligula, Nero, Caesar, Messalina and Faustina? Share the video if you enjoy it and comment what you think of it.