1. shadokek

    Old House, Old Panel and Breakers

    I'm in Panama, my house was build by the US Army, this used to be Ft. Clayton Army base. My panel and breakers are very old and can't find replacements in the local market. It is even difficult to find them on eBay and the few ones are very expensive. The panel and breakers are General...
  2. Kushoto

    Nani ako na ushuhuda?

    Huyu msee ako kwa street za Zuckerberg huwa anapredict weather ....rains to come etc...ndio farmers wajipange. Anyone who's made mirrions from seeking his services in weather or any farm related activity?
  3. Senje

    Is rabbit farming a viable business

    Visited a farmer he claims they eat less reproduce faster n demand less labour .Experts saidia mkukima to be....
  4. SysAdmin

    Looking for Pure or F4 Boer or Savana Goat Male - Kenya

    Hello Guys, just started a goat farm with 30 female kienyeji bucks which are now on heat kabisa. I am looking to crossbreed them with a Boer or Savana breed...pure or F4 - 93.75% Any one with any leads? Fellow farmers?
  5. R

    Feed lot beef farming & fattening

    Wadau, am planning to start beef farming basically through the feedlot. Plan is buying underweight cattle, fattening for a few months then selling for a profit. I have my old mans 10acre farm with lots of water. Need some advice as I plan to start in 2022.
  6. J

    Farmers Kumbe mmekafunga hivi

    While going through various discussions pale facebook I came across the above posts.Wakulima Wenye ujuzi how realistic is this.In the farm photo,farm is in Kitengele on 3 acres with revenues of 12K per day....Second Farm I understand is Giwa farm in Gachie on 10 acres then (though now I hear its...
  7. chieftalk

    hydraulic water pump

    am looking for hydraulic water pump (ram water pump) the one that uses water pressure. My site is in muranga. any referrals