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  1. Mkulima

    Dragon Fruit Farming; The Tasty Beautiful Fruit In Kenya

    Dragon fruit is a fast-growing, semi-epiphytic vine that requires vertical pole-like support with a ring at the top. The economic lifespan of dragon fruit is more than 20 years and during the full-bearing period, plants are laden with fruits. It thus requires very strong and durable supporting...
  2. Mkulima

    Ostrich Farming In Kenya, A Silent Money Making Venture With Few Challenges

    Thinking about investing in agriculture in Africa? There are numerous avenues you can start and make headway. However, when you want to start something extraordinary that will give money without lots of challenges, you can think of ostrich farming. KSh300 can buy you a host of different things...
  3. Mkulima

    Jubilee Orpington Chicken, a rare breed that has captivated the hearts of many poultry enthusiasts

    The Jubilee Orpington Chicken is both a rare and regal breed that has captivated the hearts of many poultry enthusiasts. It has taken over the planet, figuratively and somewhat, literally. Since you’re here, we’re assuming that this bird has also caught your heart, or at the very least, your...