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  1. Mkulima

    Top 20 Most Profitable Crops To Grow & Profits Per Acre In Kenya

    Kenya’s agricultural industry is the backbone of the country’s economy, accounting for over 30% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Agriculture is the primary source of income for most Kenyans, providing employment and livelihoods for millions of people. Kenya’s fertile soil and...
  2. Mkulima

    Why Kenya Imports Pixie Oranges From Egypt And South Africa?

    Why do Kenya import pixie oranges, grapes, and apples from Egypt and South Africa while us who produce in plenty do not export or enjoy this market access? This is a question that was raised on our Fruit Farming WhatsApp group by a member. This blog post will discuss the reasons behind South...
  3. Mkulima

    Overview of Water Purification Business in Kenya

    Water purification is a vital process in ensuring that people have access to clean and safe drinking water. In Kenya, access to clean water is a major challenge, with many people relying on unclean sources of water. This has led to an increase in water-borne diseases and a need for water...
  4. Mkulima

    6 Breeds Of Poultry That Can You Make Serious Money

    Poultry farming is an important aspect of agriculture in Kenya, contributing significantly to the economy and food security of the country. The most commonly reared poultry birds in Kenya are chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese. However, there are several rare poultry breeds in Kenya that are...
  5. Mkulima

    BRAZILIAN CHERRY FARMING; a weird delicious fruit you might want to grow in Kenya

    If you love cherries, this fast growing vine-like cherry variety will be right up your alley. Related to cherry guava, the Brazilian cherry tree is also known as the Surinam cherry tree or the Florida cherry tree. Although commonly called a tree, it’s more of a shrub or vine, which grows...
  6. Mkulima

    Importance Of Intercropping Hass With Fuerte Avocado Trees & What Seedlings Sellers Wont Tell You

    Hass avocado has in recent times taken root as the main income earner for many small holder farmers in various parts of Kenya like, central, Rift Valley, Eastern and some parts of Western. Hass avocado farmers have seen their income improve due to good prices being offered through various...
  7. Mkulima

    Hybrid Meyer Lemon Farming

    Meyer Lemon: Lemons are a worldwide fruit that have actually made massive impacts worldwide through its large health and wellness benefits. According to records, the worldwide lemon andlime production total up to over 17.22 million metric bunches annual, with Argentina being the world’s leading...
  8. Mkulima

    Inter-cropping Pixie Orange And Sweet Tangerines

    Sweet Tangerine and Pixie Orange farming is an agribusiness that has picked in arid and semi-arid areas in Kenya such as Makueni, Machakos, Kitui, and parts of coastal region such as Voi. The crop also performs well in areas such as Nyeri, Muranga, and parts of western Kenya. Mr. Kiruthi of...
  9. Mkulima

    Dragon Fruit Farming; The Tasty Beautiful Fruit In Kenya

    Dragon fruit is a fast-growing, semi-epiphytic vine that requires vertical pole-like support with a ring at the top. The economic lifespan of dragon fruit is more than 20 years and during the full-bearing period, plants are laden with fruits. It thus requires very strong and durable supporting...
  10. Mkulima

    Ostrich Farming In Kenya, A Silent Money Making Venture With Few Challenges

    Thinking about investing in agriculture in Africa? There are numerous avenues you can start and make headway. However, when you want to start something extraordinary that will give money without lots of challenges, you can think of ostrich farming. KSh300 can buy you a host of different things...
  11. Mkulima

    Jubilee Orpington Chicken, a rare breed that has captivated the hearts of many poultry enthusiasts

    The Jubilee Orpington Chicken is both a rare and regal breed that has captivated the hearts of many poultry enthusiasts. It has taken over the planet, figuratively and somewhat, literally. Since you’re here, we’re assuming that this bird has also caught your heart, or at the very least, your...
  12. B

    Farming business

    For those of you who ventured into farming, especially crop farming (maize, avocado, etc) what made you quit? Is it the high cost,lack of market or lack of adequate Capital?
  13. Mkulima

    How to identify Good layers from Bad layers

    Quality egg production is the primary goal for keeping layers. It is, therefore, important to monitor production of your flock, identifying poor layers that eat into your profits with minimal or simply no benefits. During this process, you are likely to notice those birds that do not lay as...
  14. Mkulima

    POMATO: Wonderful innovation grafting tomatoes on potato

    The pomato plant exists (feel free to call it tomtato, I just swing between the two names), and is produced by grafting a tomato plant and a potato plant. They yield both potatoes and tomatoes without affecting the quality of the crop. Even though they may not strike you as related, both...
  15. Mkulima

    Causes and detection of ****

    Causes and detection of **** in cows Cows can suffer abnormalities during pregnancy leading to death of the foetus or resulting from foetal or maternal abnormality. **** in dairy cattle is the loss of a foetus between the age of 42 days and approximately 260 days. Pregnancies lost...
  16. Mkulima

    Vigilantes on the rise as they move to combat theft on Kenya’s hass avocados from farmers

    Kenya’s avocado sector has become so lucrative that organised criminal gangs have begun to target growers. This is because the fruit from just one tree can pay for the private education of a secondary school student for a whole year – up to $600 (£450). With the demand for the fruit growing...