1. Mkulima

    Causes and detection of ****

    Causes and detection of **** in cows Cows can suffer abnormalities during pregnancy leading to death of the foetus or resulting from foetal or maternal abnormality. **** in dairy cattle is the loss of a foetus between the age of 42 days and approximately 260 days. Pregnancies lost...
  2. Ndindu

    Motorcycle Attachment To Pump Water. Machina Awashangaza Waafrika Buana

    This is a simple device that JKUAT engineering students can design and assemble. Lakini sisi Waafrika tunapenda kubebewa akili na anyone with pale skin.
  3. Kushoto

    Nani ako na ushuhuda?

    Huyu msee ako kwa street za Zuckerberg huwa anapredict weather ....rains to come etc...ndio farmers wajipange. Anyone who's made mirrions from seeking his services in weather or any farm related activity?