1. PaulTheFarmer

    On Goat Paternal Leave. 23 mothers delivering this month! I'm crazy happy!

    And the numbers are good too 100+ and counting in a year and half pole pole tu. This is the easiest Business i've ever done. Don't even ask for pointers, wewe nunua 2 goats and a male and watch your herd grow. But as always info siezi kosa kupeana if you need it.
  2. PaulTheFarmer

    We are all busy, supervise that side hussle kwa simu!

    Nobody loves kushinda ushago, especially not me!
  3. PaulTheFarmer

    How to Farm ukiwa Nairobi. Lazima tulime. Online farming!

  4. PaulTheFarmer

    Hii maisha ni relaxing sana!

  5. PaulTheFarmer

    Start a Goat Farming Side Hussle. Ni rahisi sana!

    Subscribe to the channel hii mwaka tulee mbuzi. Content mzuri iko kwa njia. Step by Step How to.