goat house

  1. PaulTheFarmer

    Another reason to rear some goats. Did you know that a single goat...

    is capable of producing 138kg of dry manure per year? This composition would be made up of 3.4kg N, 0.5kg P and 1.1kg K. Goat manure increases the water retention ability of the soil and is excellent for bananas. It is also sold. Current market price is Kshs 30.
  2. Dr. Kerre(PhD)

    Starting to farm

    Hello, I've always been passionate about rearing of goats and birds(hens). Suppossing I want to start this venture in the most economical way in each category where would I get the best deal to start i.e sourcing the chicks and say galla goats(if only the most affordable but very marketable)...
  3. PaulTheFarmer

    Farmers, what do you think? Watch and give me suggestions

    Goat farming house for 300 Goats Youtube Video link above.