hass avocado

  1. Mkulima

    Long Rains In April: Take Advantage And Grow The Golden Fruit, Hass Avocado

    For us farmers in Kenya the most exciting time of the year is April. We have just been through three months of hot, dry, weather and now the rains have started on various parts of the country. For us it means time to bring the farm back to its best. Hass Avocado Farming in Kenya Avocado...
  2. Mkulima

    Vigilantes on the rise as they move to combat theft on Kenya’s hass avocados from farmers

    Kenya’s avocado sector has become so lucrative that organised criminal gangs have begun to target growers. This is because the fruit from just one tree can pay for the private education of a secondary school student for a whole year – up to $600 (£450). With the demand for the fruit growing...