how to start goat farming

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    Another reason to rear some goats. Did you know that a single goat...

    is capable of producing 138kg of dry manure per year? This composition would be made up of 3.4kg N, 0.5kg P and 1.1kg K. Goat manure increases the water retention ability of the soil and is excellent for bananas. It is also sold. Current market price is Kshs 30.
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    Arguably one of the easiest businesses you can ever engage in. Here's why.

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    How to Farm ukiwa Nairobi. Lazima tulime. Online farming!

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    Goat Farmers, Lets learn together

    Always ensure your goats are vaccinated every 6 months!
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    Pure Galla Goats Available. Kshs 5,500. Pay on Delivery. FACT: They attain market/slaughter weight at 6 months

    And these are the males...Mature and ready to pounce on those on heat females. Kshs 15,000 There's money in Farming guys. I want this for all my fellow youth that have unutilized pieces of land! A herdsboys salary is Kshs 6,000 and food Kshs 1,500. Hiyo haitoshi hata sherehe ya weekend moja...