1. Buckets

    Airtime, Internet Cost to Rise as MPs Propose Higher Taxes

    After sparing boda boda operators, infant flour and bread from new taxes, a parliamentary committee has proposed increases in other taxes that will raise the cost of airtime and internet data services. Here's the link...
  2. BigMoses

    Weird Internet Speed

    My internet speed never reaches this, am surprised, nmedowload all movies i wanted
  3. Katwin

    Internet Reseller License:Fiber

    Anyone who has acquired the ASP & NFP Licenses from Communication Authority for Internet reselling in Kiambu County: What was the Cost, wait time? Do you have the licenses and willing to share Reach me through or 0718039453 for a deal? Figures from CA websites aren't...
  4. kenyan_mafia

    Extend Wifi to another building

    Who knows how I can extend this Safaricom lte wifi to a building 100 meters away
  5. Katwin

    Cheap Internet With No Cap

    Mtu anataka Port ya Liquid Telkom ya Home Fibre ? Location: Tatu city Opposite Btl Nakupea Port you manage for yourself Packages Shared Connection 1)100mbps for 11499ksh Monthly 2)50mbps for 6554ksh Monthly 3)25mbps for 5174ksh Monthly
  6. Katwin


    Guys I’m looking for a P2P Internet connection or Fibre Pull Anyone with a connection kindly assists. 30-50mbps will do Location: Gatundu Town Location: 1 Location:Kenyatta Rd C 66, Gatundu Location**:** -1.011848,36.902729
  7. M

    Free internet access links?? hmmn :p

    Safcom roughing you up in the bundles sector? Naskia watu wanacomplain sana..haha Ongea na mimi muzuri nikupee tunneling links..web has been free bwana since 2017.. the funniest thing ni part of the code was and still is hidden in their web portal in 2021 but good luck combing the php finding...

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