1. BantuSupremacy

    Queen Of Spades & the Bantu Expansion.

    @Aka mpole @uwesmake @ChifuMbitika Si we told these idiots the bantu expansion is inevitable and they laughed at us. First it was the Zoomalis at Zoomalispot accepted their fate ,now it's mzungus. Just discovered a movement called the Queen of Spades and my GOD - I'm weirded out but at the...
  2. BantuSupremacy

    Black Woman Pimps Daughter - Ghetto Gaggers

    This Porn Site has been going viral everywhere. People are trying to get it shut down. Now there's a video of a black mom pimping her yerro yerro daughter to mzungu men.
  3. BantuSupremacy

    Interracial Cringe Is Getting Worse

    So this week a viral video of a black woman being disowned has been trending. Her own grandmother has disowned her for doing a video for a website called ghetto gaggers. The site is one where White mzungu men basically rape black women and spit on them and racially degrade them. (These coons...
  4. BantuSupremacy

    Mzungu Simp Begs Wife to Not Leave her for Kenyan Man - Dr Phil

    Wakisii bana:D Anyways ,the guy probably was just using her to get that greencard.Most Kenyan men aren't usually attracted to mzungu women.(Rwandese,Kenyan and Ugandan women is where it's at - Southern African as well). This is like the white Maasai story. Some mzungu woman from Europe left her...