1. SparkMyke

    Livestock herding in Rift Valley.

    The rising water levels are a threat to people's livelihood. In Loitoktok, livestock herders turned vegetable farmers and irrigated. Why not farm vegetation that grow in salty water and turn it into animal feeds? Lake Turkana and Lake Nakuru could be a great location for livestock farming if...
  2. B

    Agil 100 CE

    Any body stocking Agil 100 CE. I need 15 litres
  3. C

    A serious farmer should do irrigation. Water solves 50% of your problems

    If you ever plan on doing farming, the first thing you should make sure you have is A SOURCE OF WATER. I know some people think that climate change is a myth but ile siku utafanya farming hii Kenya while depending on rain ndio utajua climate change is real, rains ziki fail kidogo tu all your...
  4. J

    Farmers Kumbe mmekafunga hivi

    While going through various discussions pale facebook I came across the above posts.Wakulima Wenye ujuzi how realistic is this.In the farm photo,farm is in Kitengele on 3 acres with revenues of 12K per day....Second Farm I understand is Giwa farm in Gachie on 10 acres then (though now I hear its...
  5. chieftalk

    hydraulic water pump

    am looking for hydraulic water pump (ram water pump) the one that uses water pressure. My site is in muranga. any referrals