1. kushl23

    Nairobi Kenya before Independence

  2. PaulTheFarmer

  3. shadokek

    Old House, Old Panel and Breakers

    I'm in Panama, my house was build by the US Army, this used to be Ft. Clayton Army base. My panel and breakers are very old and can't find replacements in the local market. It is even difficult to find them on eBay and the few ones are very expensive. The panel and breakers are General...
  4. jmoy

    Maize Plantation - is it worthy it?

    it is economically viable, a maize plantation 50acres harvesting maize twice in a year in lower eastern sides coz of the climate. Lower eastern maize is harvested twice/thrice in a year not like in the rift valley. Nifanyieni mahesabu ya Pesa and disadvantages elders
  5. Mkulima

    Causes and detection of ****

    Causes and detection of **** in cows Cows can suffer abnormalities during pregnancy leading to death of the foetus or resulting from foetal or maternal abnormality. **** in dairy cattle is the loss of a foetus between the age of 42 days and approximately 260 days. Pregnancies lost...
  6. Big Ben

    Why is it illegal

    With all the benefits of hemp and weed, why are they still illegal. These products can create more government revenue and jobs than that bbi nonsense the country has been engaged in for 3 years.
  7. Pongo

    Beautiful Souvenir Quest!!

    Dear community! I am looking for the beautiful sculpture in the picture!! I will be soon in Kenya! Where can I find it and how much it costs?? Thanks!
  8. BantuSupremacy

    Bantu Expansion Continues - Somali Woman Calls Kikuyu man ultimate sexual partner in new book.

    It's a new tending book called the Sex lives of African women. Wacha tuanze kuassimilate hawa ma zoomali. The Bantu Expansion Continues.
  9. BantuSupremacy

    Mzungu Simp Begs Wife to Not Leave her for Kenyan Man - Dr Phil

    Wakisii bana:D Anyways ,the guy probably was just using her to get that greencard.Most Kenyan men aren't usually attracted to mzungu women.(Rwandese,Kenyan and Ugandan women is where it's at - Southern African as well). This is like the white Maasai story. Some mzungu woman from Europe left her...
  10. BantuSupremacy

    The Great Bantu Republic

    One Day ,our great people will unite. The Bantu Expansion is unstoppable.
  11. Antonio Mascaro

    Rural Coast imechapa ki-design

    The many times I have been to the Coast Region, its usually to and From Mombasa. I didnt know much about the rest of the Region. Dude that place is punishing. The Land scape is semi-arid and not so good looking, harsh and the people look hardy. There are worse places in this country, But I never...
  12. C

    A serious farmer should do irrigation. Water solves 50% of your problems

    If you ever plan on doing farming, the first thing you should make sure you have is A SOURCE OF WATER. I know some people think that climate change is a myth but ile siku utafanya farming hii Kenya while depending on rain ndio utajua climate change is real, rains ziki fail kidogo tu all your...
  13. R

    Feed lot beef farming & fattening

    Wadau, am planning to start beef farming basically through the feedlot. Plan is buying underweight cattle, fattening for a few months then selling for a profit. I have my old mans 10acre farm with lots of water. Need some advice as I plan to start in 2022.