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    Brayo D Is doing a Great Job

    Tutawajua wote
  2. P

    Brayo D Released Nairobi Prostitutes part 4

    Good job Brayo D
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    Kungurus Mtajipata hapa

    Nimekula part 2 mzima
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    Brayo D is posted Kungurus

    Kungurus Exposed
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    Tagged Kunguru

    Tagged Kungurus
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    Married Women working as sex workers exposed

    Married prostitutes exposed
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    Good Hope Momos

    Good Hope
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    Nairobi Most Famous Kungurus Posted

    Most Famous Kungurus
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    Kunguru Za Mitandao

  10. RGOG

    Beta Male in Tears

    A man somewhere is in tears. A very Hardworking family man. Married to one wife for 12 years. Together have 3 children. When they got married the woman had no child. Why is he in tears? The woman files for divorce then proceeds to court to pin the man to be providing for the children 100%. The...

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