1. R

    Looking for ideas on land purchase in Ukambani to settle

    Hi good people, I am looking for ideas on where to settle in Ukambani. I hope to build and settle as well as run a mixed-use farming enterprise (fruits, vegetables, animal farming). Major considerations should be: - Easily accessible all year round (some areas I hear they become inaccessible...
  2. D

    Why don't property sellers mention Fiber availability.

    Hi. I'm an online freelancer and the internet is a basic need for me. I know there are more and more online workers now who need internet when buying property but I wonder why no seller indicates that. I'm looking for a plot with fiber internet access but within a small budget (300k to 600k)...
  3. Kahuna123

    Leasing Land/Farming Business

    I have about an acre and a half a few kilometres from Machakos Junction, I wanted to start a farming business but I don't know what crops grow well in that area or where the produce is to be sold. If you're in that field please feel share here or send me a message and we could even work...