1. PaulTheFarmer

  2. Violete

    Making money online - Google adsense money

    So it's true people make beer money from Google Adsense. Just in my 2nd month since i started a product review website and this is my earnings so far. I believe in 6 months time I will be somewhere around 4 zeros. Share your stories on Google monies.
  3. jmoy

    Maize Plantation - is it worthy it?

    it is economically viable, a maize plantation 50acres harvesting maize twice in a year in lower eastern sides coz of the climate. Lower eastern maize is harvested twice/thrice in a year not like in the rift valley. Nifanyieni mahesabu ya Pesa and disadvantages elders
  4. catskillz

    BarCode duplication

    Do you guys know any software or website that can accurately and precisely duplicate BarCode of higd quality standards? I wanna make some money somewhere. Thanks
  5. Qathuryma

    We try to hustle in any way possible.. Redbubble link.
  6. Ngimanene na matharo

    Church and Money

    Nakumbuka nikiona churches zikiambia members wao watoe pesa za care package to give to the needy this season ya sherehe. With all the money that churches have, hawawezi jitolea by themselves to dig into their money and maybe spend some to buy the care packages themselves? Why do they use the...