1. BigMoses

    Buying a car- VW or subaru

    A few months a go, i posted this thread about elders owning cars,(see attached image) i was motivated to buy one, I did my best and got some deal Now I have cash, am torn between buying Volkswagen golf mk7 or tsi, and Subaru legacy sedan, I need you advice my fellow elders, kindly note it would...
  2. Arbiter

    CAR AUDIO guys saidieni newb

    I'm building a simple audio system (subwoofer and 2 midrange speakers) to be used in a highschool hall. I'm considering the following parts; 1. Amp: boschmann PCH-4880D @ 8500/= 1500 watts. 2. Sub: Pioneer TS-30S4 12" @ 5500/ 1400 watts peak, 400 RMS 3. Midrange: Pioneer TSA 6966S...