1. BantuSupremacy

    Black Man Beats 6 Foot Tall Mzungu Neanderthal into submission.

    So some white supremacist was attacking a black woman and a black man beat his ass into submission. Funniest shit I've ever seen - Waiting to hear how @TrumanCapote will try to lick his balls. Even when her white daddy is clearly attacking her fellow black woman. Anyways ,enjoy the action:
  2. BantuSupremacy

    White is Right - Why are Kenyans such Coons?

    If there's one thing I truly hate about Kenya ,it's coons. Coons who bootlick mzungus like nothing but ignore their own. A mzungu family can get justice for their son but a British soldier rapes and kills a Kenyan woman and he gets away with it. Even worse ,you have Kenyan women who will...
  3. BantuSupremacy

    Mzungu Simp Begs Wife to Not Leave her for Kenyan Man - Dr Phil

    Wakisii bana:D Anyways ,the guy probably was just using her to get that greencard.Most Kenyan men aren't usually attracted to mzungu women.(Rwandese,Kenyan and Ugandan women is where it's at - Southern African as well). This is like the white Maasai story. Some mzungu woman from Europe left her...