1. hoe_is_life

    Explicit Loft Lounge Daytime Stripping Explicit Video

    Long time washerati acha tujibambe as we wait for our new president(s) Check out ufala that happens hapa Loft (Thome, Thika. Rd) Spin and win free money to your Mpesa Jishindie Leo Bonyeza Hapa! Full clips posted on this Telegram Channel

    Mobile Phone Repair Services :0702910146

    Broken Screen Replacement Charging system repair Earpiece & mouthpiece repair Power & volume switches/Buttons Back covers/back glass covers Charging port Speakers/sound Housing/frame Camera issue Etc
  3. C

    Fruit farming success

    I started fruit farming (papaws and later, purple and granadilla passion fruits) during corona period and while it hobbled at the start, it picked up very well. I am almost breaking even and here are some tips I will share on what has worked for me. 1. Farming is a hands-on business, let no one...
  4. R

    Feed lot beef farming & fattening

    Wadau, am planning to start beef farming basically through the feedlot. Plan is buying underweight cattle, fattening for a few months then selling for a profit. I have my old mans 10acre farm with lots of water. Need some advice as I plan to start in 2022.