1. josento

    Dry Fry....No lube..pakeni mate

  2. luumix

    Does Wajackoyah have a realistic chance at becoming president in your oppinion?

    Many people seem to side with him and pledge their vote to him for the sole reason of agreeing with his cannabis policies, but in my eyes, that's all he has. I want to know if anyone seriously believes he can win the election.
  3. R

    selling youtube channell

    am selling youtube channell with zero strikes and 2400 subs
  4. Pongo

    Beautiful Souvenir Quest!!

    Dear community! I am looking for the beautiful sculpture in the picture!! I will be soon in Kenya! Where can I find it and how much it costs?? Thanks!
  5. Antonio Mascaro

    Obvious Geographic Mistakes - Europe ? Asia or Eurasia ?

    Unsolicited opinion. But very factual. Wut the heck is Europe ? or Asia ? Of all geographic Mistakes ever made, this is the most blaring. Continental fault lines and shelves clearly show one single continent, Eurasia but because of Kasumba flani, some guys use culture to set...