1. PaulTheFarmer

    We are all busy, supervise that side hussle kwa simu!

    Nobody loves kushinda ushago, especially not me!
  2. PaulTheFarmer

    Start a Goat Farming Side Hussle. Ni rahisi sana!

    Subscribe to the channel hii mwaka tulee mbuzi. Content mzuri iko kwa njia. Step by Step How to.
  3. SysAdmin

    Looking for Pure or F4 Boer or Savana Goat Male - Kenya

    Hello Guys, just started a goat farm with 30 female kienyeji bucks which are now on heat kabisa. I am looking to crossbreed them with a Boer or Savana breed...pure or F4 - 93.75% Any one with any leads? Fellow farmers?