1. Antonio Mascaro

    Situation Awareness : Avoid being a victim

    Having been robbed in this city severally (Mirema, Haille Sellasie Avenue & Waiyaki Way), I strive daily to improve my situation awareness. Nyuma inakaaje, mbele inakaaje, sideways...distance between you and the people around you, updating any changes in this distance progressively and making...
  2. Stickerbingo

    Terrorists Take Out an Entire Camp Using Thermal Optics- [Security/Small Arms]

    A footage released of a Taliban Sniper attack using a Pulsar Thermal Optic near Mazar i Sharif #Balkh #Afghanistan- likely using an M16A4. How many more demonstrations do we need that thermal optics are a game changer? Can we predict the infiltration of such equipment to African terrorists?