1. Bebeto

    So close to having, yet very far

    I have never stopped asking myself why we didn't do it. I was just about three months in Nairobi, Kibera slums, waiting to start some jobo, when one girl was making noise in our neighbourhood at around mid night, yaani karibu usiku wa manane. A man had chased her away from his one-roomed crib...
  2. N

    Maajabu ya Musa nikiwa na Malaya kwa room

    My fellow villagers ,nimekua nikiona story hapa, ati kuna venye unaeaza simamisha mboro ukiwa ready kutomba malaya but ukitoa boxer d*ck inalala. Leo at around 10pm pale Kimbo Ruiru Thika road, nilikua full erected ready to f**k a bitch but upon kuingia kwa room after kumlipa. d*ck yangu...
  3. Pongo

    Beautiful Souvenir Quest!!

    Dear community! I am looking for the beautiful sculpture in the picture!! I will be soon in Kenya! Where can I find it and how much it costs?? Thanks!
  4. BantuSupremacy

    BantuSupremacy has a Dating app Hekaya

    Haiya ,wacha my fellow Alpha males wanisaidie leo. Kuna ka yerro yerro tulimatch bumble juzi na I'm abit scared kusema tu kweli. You know how I said on bumble you only match with high interest chics ,huyu ako a bit too high interest. When we matched She told me she just wants to be friends and...
  5. BantuSupremacy


    Fellow villagers ,leo niko na Hekaya. So as I was browsing the Internet looking for Biashara Opportunities in the Meta Verse (Btw ,Kikuyus ,we need to have a serious conversation about buying land in the Meta Verse) Anyways ,YouTube being YouTube wali recommend video ingine that has just left...
  6. BantuSupremacy

    Bantu Expansion Continues - Somali Woman Calls Kikuyu man ultimate sexual partner in new book.

    It's a new tending book called the Sex lives of African women. Wacha tuanze kuassimilate hawa ma zoomali. The Bantu Expansion Continues.
  7. AlfaMale

    18+ Brothel list 2021

    Hot brothels 2021 ni zipi? Wengine wetu tunapenda kuingia mashimo za wa2 tofauti tofauti.
  8. O

    The Crazy Sexual Stories of Roman Emperors and Empresses Part 2

    Have you heard of these crazy sex stories of Caligula, Nero, Caesar, Messalina and Faustina? Share the video if you enjoy it and comment what you think of it.
  9. O

    The Crazy Sexual Stories of Roman Emperors

    Viewers Discretion is Advised. Crazy things roman emperors have done. Tiberius, Elagabalus, and Nero. Tiberius has been accused of having sexual tendencies towards children. Elagabalus offered great sums of money to any physician who could give him female genitalia as well as prostituting...