1. hoe_is_life

    Explicit Loft Lounge Daytime Stripping Explicit Video

    Long time washerati acha tujibambe as we wait for our new president(s) Check out ufala that happens hapa Loft (Thome, Thika. Rd) Spin and win free money to your Mpesa Jishindie Leo Bonyeza Hapa! Full clips posted on this Telegram Channel
  2. BantuSupremacy

    Dark Skin women Appreciation

    I've Noticed there's a lot of guys who like Yellow Yellow ghels. If that's you ,it's okay - that's your preference but this thread isn't for you. This is for the boy child who likes melanin kaa mimi. I know I can't be the only one .If you're team melanin - enjoy this thread.
  3. dazzle03

    Does anyone know of her........

    This gel is so damn fine....... kama anajulikana na any villager, nipee info maan.
  4. S

    18+ Typical white girls

    She says she's a fitness trainer but clearly she's a chain smoker too. What a hypocrite.