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    We are all busy, supervise that side hussle kwa simu!

    Nobody loves kushinda ushago, especially not me!
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    How to Farm ukiwa Nairobi. Lazima tulime. Online farming!

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    Hii maisha ni relaxing sana!

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    Kulisha Mbuzi ni tamu

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    Start a Goat Farming Side Hussle. Ni rahisi sana!

    Subscribe to the channel hii mwaka tulee mbuzi. Content mzuri iko kwa njia. Step by Step How to.
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    Goat Farmers, Lets learn together

    Always ensure your goats are vaccinated every 6 months!
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    Pure Galla Goats Available. Kshs 5,500. Pay on Delivery. FACT: They attain market/slaughter weight at 6 months

    And these are the males...Mature and ready to pounce on those on heat females. Kshs 15,000 There's money in Farming guys. I want this for all my fellow youth that have unutilized pieces of land! A herdsboys salary is Kshs 6,000 and food Kshs 1,500. Hiyo haitoshi hata sherehe ya weekend moja...