Laptop repair Services

    Laptop repair & maintenance services : 0702910146 Laptop Hard Disk & RAMs upgrade Laptop broken screen replacement s Damaged keyboard replacement Laptop broken hinges repair & casings Laptop not displaying on screen repair Laptop not charging or powering on Laptop plugged in but not charging...
  2. Puppykiwi

    Budget Laptop

    Ideal specs: Cpu: Amd is always preferable but with the chip shortage, I don't see myself getting one so I have to switch to the blue team,an 8th gen core i7 (or newer) would be ideal. Ram: 8 gb ddr4 (running in dual channel and preferably not soldered as I want the latitude to expand if...
  3. Jopo345

    Recovering facebook account

    Is it possible for one to access their facebook account back if they no longer have access to their email address? On clicking search account through name, getting the account then forgot password it's sent to an email address which may or may not even be working. The email the code is sent...
  4. Big Ben

    Why is it illegal

    With all the benefits of hemp and weed, why are they still illegal. These products can create more government revenue and jobs than that bbi nonsense the country has been engaged in for 3 years.
  5. J

    Store Track and Visualize Farm Data

    Hello members i have developed an app to help farmers.With Supafarm app you store farm data in one place, visualize your farm practices and performance. Easily get your KPIs(metrics) and identify improvements for cost optimization and higher yields. At only 6MB Supafarm is a free lite app...
  6. Frankie_7564


    Aye... Is it possible to unscramble the dstv and gotv decoders in order to watch for free lifetime without paying any monthly subscription fee?
  7. T

    First Time Car Buyer

    Vipi wasee. Please advice on a nice, low cost car with good manly appeal. I am a first time car buyer and spoilt for choice. Actually my 8-year old son has been pressuring me to buy a car. He feels bad that he walks from school (which is just a block away from home) when his friends are picked...
  8. BigMoses

    Weird Internet Speed

    My internet speed never reaches this, am surprised, nmedowload all movies i wanted
  9. M

    Free internet access links?? hmmn :p

    Safcom roughing you up in the bundles sector? Naskia watu wanacomplain sana..haha Ongea na mimi muzuri nikupee tunneling links..web has been free bwana since 2017.. the funniest thing ni part of the code was and still is hidden in their web portal in 2021 but good luck combing the php finding...