water pump

  1. Ndindu

    Motorcycle Attachment To Pump Water. Machina Awashangaza Waafrika Buana

    This is a simple device that JKUAT engineering students can design and assemble. Lakini sisi Waafrika tunapenda kubebewa akili na anyone with pale skin.
  2. J

    Farmers Kumbe mmekafunga hivi

    While going through various discussions pale facebook I came across the above posts.Wakulima Wenye ujuzi how realistic is this.In the farm photo,farm is in Kitengele on 3 acres with revenues of 12K per day....Second Farm I understand is Giwa farm in Gachie on 10 acres then (though now I hear its...
  3. chieftalk

    hydraulic water pump

    am looking for hydraulic water pump (ram water pump) the one that uses water pressure. My site is in muranga. any referrals