Àndù à nyumba, Culturalists and Historians; saidieni tafsali

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Some years back while I was still confused by how deep jazz was, there was a programme on KBC highlighting the music from different communities in Kenya, the roots, the instruments, why they were played and importantly to me, how they are played.

When they got to erithi/eriithi (can't remember the correct spelling) I was utterly mesmerised by the player's mastery of the guitar and the smoothness of the finger picking and the rhythm. If kyuks were natives of Brazil this genre would be a huge hit.

So for a long time I kept it in my head while I improved myself as an instrumentalist. I'm learning benga and now I also want to begin learning erithi/eriithi

Unfortunately aango Gugu is of no help; my mum despite being part kyuk doesn't know it and none of the people I know have an idea what it is.

So I am turning to you to educate me. If you have an idea, sound clip, old video ama anything that will direct me to erithi I will appreciate.



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hapa sioni ukisaidika sana. first and only time i heard that term was in the title "Erithi ya CDM Kiratu"...hope that gives you a toehold...
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