$1.2 Million Track-Only Monster with 700 HP


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The Ford GT Mk II


Only 45 units of this racing-inspired track-only supercar will be built and will cost $1.2 million each.

After being teased a few weeks ago, Ford has unveiled the GT Mk II at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the U.K. As we expected, it's a track-only version of the GT supercar that has been developed using the knowledge gained from the GT's soon-to-be-over racing program. The GT road car is limited in design and engineering by global homologation requirements, while the Le Mans–winning race car is bogged down by racing class restrictions and regulations, so the designers and engineers were able to go wild with the Mk II, as it doesn't need to adhere to any set of rules.

Immediately noticeable is the massive rear wing that replaces the regular GT's active rear spoiler. Ford says that the dual-element wing "exceeds" the downforce produced by the race car's wing. Other aerodynamic enhancements include a huge rear diffuser, a new front splitter, louvered front fenders, and dive planes on the front bumper. Ford says the Mk II makes over 400 percent more downforce than the roadgoing GT and that it will pull over 2 g's of lateral grip.