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  1. wetu

    wetu Senior Villager

    Sio yeye Wa kwanza,ancestral huwa haiwekwi for sale,hata wale waliiacha walikuwa na midomo bado
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  2. jaymoh

    jaymoh Village Elder

    The problem is once you start selling you dont stop,coz its money without sweat. However selling to educate children or hospital bill is not bad but si huyu unaona ameuza bila sababu ni malaya na bundles za kusubua hapa ktalk
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  3. wetu

    wetu Senior Villager

    Unaweza tumia hio land kama surety upate loan,
    Na we we sio pure blood, hatukuli kuku
  4. jaymoh

    jaymoh Village Elder

    Yaani mwanaume mzima anawekewa gizzard hii labda ni bukusu
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  5. Mrs4thletter

    Mrs4thletter Village Elder

    Hehehehe Mimi ni purest,
  6. KinduKiega

    KinduKiega Village Elder

    Ama she is one of those helping the guy kuramnya the money.10M nikipata saa hii nawacha job
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  7. Kana Kega

    Kana Kega Village Elder

    Thanks guys. Love your comments and advice. Keep em coming
  8. Malaika Firth

    Malaika Firth Village Elder

    So apart from buying another land, building rentals, fixed deposits accounts, and unspecified businesses Hakuna kitu ingine? Mimi I will advice you to think outside the box...with that 10M go to a student advisory center za Australia apply for a masters ( i.e. If you have. First degree) fees for one sem is like 1M...Hii it will include everything like visa, processing fees, insurance etc etc... With a 10m bank account you are a viable candidate hutanyimwa visa..Aussie allows students to work for a specific No of hours...that money you earn will be enough to cater for your upkeep and fees...OSHA viombo, uza chips kwa Mac Donald's what ever it takes and see the world and gain useful experience...after your studies if you choose to come back fine...if you get a job and settle there fine..you can be coming every year to tour and make investments with your hard earned money
  9. KinduKiega

    KinduKiega Village Elder

    Selling is not the issue here.Its selling and blowing the whole scoop,which this guy fears might happen.He already said it himself
  10. Ice_Cube

    Ice_Cube Village Sponsor

    or offer guyz emergency loans for 50% value of their property eg land, cars etc....
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  11. negrowegrow

    negrowegrow Village Elder

    because they are looking at their account balances wanashikwa Na ka stima
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  12. Shabba Ranks

    Shabba Ranks Village Elder

  13. wetu

    wetu Senior Villager

    Wewe ndiye peasant, mpaka unakosa 2k ulikuwa ume pledge, brare fool
  14. Shabba Ranks

    Shabba Ranks Village Elder

    Hii reply yako imepita na wasee...mauchungu tu. Haha
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  15. Burungo

    Burungo Village Elder

    Me nitasema tu hivi mara ya pili @admin , naona kuna need ya kuwa na section inaitwa kitu kama 'IDEAS' .
  16. The.Black.Templar

    The.Black.Templar Village Sponsor

    Wah 10million......don't rush into any decision. Plan to invest that cash 2018 moving forward. You will have adjusted your mind and will have had alot to think about......alot!
  17. negrowegrow

    negrowegrow Village Elder

    the situation was temporary. That moment you were celebrating in December nilikuwa tu nimezubaa coz sikuwa Na kakitu. Niite SAA hii ule Na ushibe . toka last week nimeitiwa several checks for supplies delivered since September
  18. Web Dev

    Web Dev Village Elder

    -Lease land 10 years kwa one of the bypasses around nairobi
    -Jenga bar
    -Ongeza car wash
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  19. Big G

    Big G Village Elder

    put the cash in a fixed account for like 1 year. Make a habit of travelling around,open ur eyes for ideas n opportunities. Ukienda apa Tz utapata chips mayai is a multi billion industry. ukienda UG utapata rollex(chapati mayai) is a big biz.
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  20. muthige thegere

    muthige thegere Village Elder

    Wee tiga muhahe.give a credible idea wacha kunyesha kwa thread za wenyewe.ama huna pesa ya pads useme utumiwe na muuza shamba
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