10 Million reasons why I need advice

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Kana Kega, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Ubongo

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    Desist from quiting your job sir for the time being until you get a new direction
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  2. M2Random

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    Jenga bedsitters ama one-bedrooms na hiyo pesa. With 10 million, you can earn at least 120k in rent every month. You can now waste that 120k as much as you want, juu ni pesa haiishi....hii 10 million itaisha....you eat the fruits, not the seed. Dont quit your job...utakuwa na salary+rent sasa.
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  3. paparazzi

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    Money market fund! Google
  4. kanyus

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    Tafuta Vera Sidika
  5. Nattydread

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    I thought you'd say 60 million. If it's true that there are already ladies helping you, it will be gone by December.

    The wise guy telling you to buy anothr plot for 2 million, build for 8 million and you'll be collecting 100-150k is just kidding you.

    Ponda raha.
  6. MegaKing

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    hahahhahahahha choo pekee
  7. MegaKing

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    That is a very stupid ideas you are giving him
  8. jerrydubiz

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    Put it in a mutual fund, it will generate kedo 100k monthly interest as you figure out what to do with it.