10 Million reasons why I need advice


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Jenga bedsitters ama one-bedrooms na hiyo pesa. With 10 million, you can earn at least 120k in rent every month. You can now waste that 120k as much as you want, juu ni pesa haiishi....hii 10 million itaisha....you eat the fruits, not the seed. Dont quit your job...utakuwa na salary+rent sasa.


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I thought you'd say 60 million. If it's true that there are already ladies helping you, it will be gone by December.

The wise guy telling you to buy anothr plot for 2 million, build for 8 million and you'll be collecting 100-150k is just kidding you.

Ponda raha.


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I tend to believe that gambling and Sport pesa is pesa ya shetani..cos surely how do you explain this ?.
One of my former student won Sportpesa jackpot last year.It amounted to 9.7 millions.For a young man in his early 20s who had completed KCSE a few years ago,I thought he was sorted for life.
Buy a plot and build a few rooms.Buy a matatu,open a couple of biashara,marry a smart girl who will help him grow to prosperity for generations to come.
Then I meet him yesterday looking as miserable as he was before he had won sportpesa.So I ask around,is that the young man who won close to 10m last year surely ?,what happened ?.
I am informed that after he won the jackpot,he was over excited.He gave a sister a million bob,gambled a bit with it before Nairobi conmen located him(he had been allover our media).The conmen took him to Kisumu to 'wash the money 'and he woke up without a coin in his pocket in some posh hotel..the only thing in his home right now that can remind him of his win is a pit latrine he had built from the money.
hahahhahahahha choo pekee


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So apart from buying another land, building rentals, fixed deposits accounts, and unspecified businesses Hakuna kitu ingine? Mimi I will advice you to think outside the box...with that 10M go to a student advisory center za Australia apply for a masters ( i.e. If you have. First degree) fees for one sem is like 1M...Hii it will include everything like visa, processing fees, insurance etc etc... With a 10m bank account you are a viable candidate hutanyimwa visa..Aussie allows students to work for a specific No of hours...that money you earn will be enough to cater for your upkeep and fees...OSHA viombo, uza chips kwa Mac Donald's what ever it takes and see the world and gain useful experience...after your studies if you choose to come back fine...if you get a job and settle there fine..you can be coming every year to tour and make investments with your hard earned money
That is a very stupid ideas you are giving him


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If a deal is too good, think twice. You might be surprised that nakumatt or a mall was to be built nearby. You should have researched before selling.
In Roysambu, where TRM was built, those who refused to sell land were shocked when the mall owners went ahead and grabbed and built the mall. After several months in court and more money in legal fees, they settled for much much less than they were initially offered.

Tamaa ni mbaya.