10 secrets women keep from men

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Just like how men tell women what
they think they want to hear, the
shoe can also be on the other foot
and women can learn to tell men
the same thing. As a woman,
sometimes it is hard to get a man
to open up.
So here are some of the secrets
that women have that they would
never tell a man...enjoy and
remember this is just a rebuttal to
my friend Joe Rocket list!!
1. Yes it is about money! So we
will tell you anything to get you to
buy us that nice dress and shoes
we saw at the mall.
2. A woman is less likely to feel
romantic if a man is just laying on
the couch, farting and all sweaty. if
you want s3x, get up and go take a
3. Women are passionate about
the things men like. Why? Because
we have learned that if we show
that we like what you do, it is
easier to get what we want from
4. Women don't really like Sunday
afternoon and Monday night
football. However, if we act
interested we can always get that
extra cash from you to go
5. There is only 24 hours in a day
and we women are not your
personal maids. We don't get paid
for cooking and cleaning up after
you. So do your part and help
without us having to ask you to.
We will love you mroe for it.
6. We will take cold feet, hands,
butts and everything over sweaty,
stinky and ashy feet, hands and
butt any day!
7. A woman's willingness to put up
with a man B.S has to do with the
fact that we can do a lot with the
extra income you bring in, after all
it does help us save our own cash
while we go out and spend yours.
8. When a woman say they want to
sit down and talk, they are saying
that it is time for you to come
clean and stop lying about your
actions. We already know that you
were not out drinking with your
buddies like you said...so we are
just allowing you the chance to
come clean.
9. Women hate dating because we
have to dress to impress you guys
and act like a prima donna at
dinner, when all we want to do is
be ourself. We also do not know if
you will ask us to split the tab or
say you forget your wallet at home.
10. You can work out all you want.
While women like a man with a
buff body...it don't count if your
body is buff but your attitude is
Note. No men were harmed in the
creation of this list!
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