10 things u dint know about MOI

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Senior Villager
1. He loves eating boiled green
maize for breakfast with either
porridge or tea.
2. He does not take alcohol and
influenced those around him
while in power not to drink in
his presence.
3. He has a photographic memory
and during his rule would call
any DC or PC without referring
to any phone book.
4. He spends close to Sh10 million
every year on philanthropy.
5. He has never worn a double-
breasted suit or trousers with
6. He has maintained the same
tailor who used to make his
suits while he was in power.
7. He likes fast driving and while
on his meet-the-people tour he
would enjoy it when his driver
floored the accelerator.
8. He twice slept in a tent while
on his meet-the-people tours as
the places he was visiting were
too remote.
9. His name Toroitich means
"welcome home the cattle".
10. He was denied a chance to join
Alliance High School in 1945 by
the colonial administration and
was instead sent to a teachers
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