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On behalf of ktalk staff i would like to thank all the members for their contributions and work towards making this community a better place, your contributions are highly appreciated.We have hit a major milestone mentioned in the title and we believe that you are the people who made this community what it is.We would also like to recognize some 3 exemplary members who have shown great commitment to the community through their contributions and award a small token of appreciation (1000 bob airtime).

  1. @highschooler
  2. @Ingia
  3. @Ice_Cube


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What criteria was used? @highschooler, ni sawa, he supplies us with newspapers. What have the rest done that can be construed to have attracted or retained members in ktalk? I would expect guys like @Ka-Buda, @Luther12 or such other notable names whose QUALITY of contribution is high (hata kama ni hekaya ama Google-assisted).

Or if your key concern is quantity, then @Uwesmake needs recognition too.
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