2 Kamukunji Officers Die In Murder - Suicide After Brief Auguement

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Police kill Kamukunji cop after fatally shooting colcolleague
Police and witnesses said the drama began when Constable Lawrence Ewoipicked a quarrel with Achieng over undisclosed reasons outside the police station.

•This argument went on for a short while before Ewoi who was armed with a G3 rifle stepped back and opened fire on his colleague at close range as she sat in the car.
A rogue police officer was shot dead hours after he had killed his colleague in a dramatic confrontation in Kamukunji area, Nairobi.

Another officer was shot and seriously wounded in the hand in the chaos.

The incident happened on Saturday night at 9.30pm.


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Utumishi kwa wote, inclusivity as envisioned by BBI, If only those cops were presidential guards or any politicians security for that matter.....